Lettera AutomataCo-creating stories with artificial intelligence

Lettera Automata is a sculptural and sound installation that combines elements of Machine Learning with the visitors’ inputs to co-create content.

The machine automatically generates and types a long narrative by processing and analysing personal (instagram) stories that visitors share with it, ultimately commissioning a work of art(ificial intelligence). Every word is constantly weighed against a thousand others and choices are made by an invisible creator. When it's almost certain that the next generation of word processors will include even more tools to assist the writer, how will our perception of authorship change if an AI has helped getting us there?

Hermeneutic Circle Manipulating interferences

A sound installation that refers to the concepts of interpretation and mutation of a message, represented as radio signal. Resembling the form of a game of Chinese Whispers, this installation focuses on the implication of interferences created by multiple and clashing elements. A message recorded by the visitor is broadcasted FM to the first radio of the circle and, at the same time, its output is recorded again, mutated in its form.

the radios have interpreted the initial message. Visitors, radios and a broadcasted signal are the characters of this game. Under a new light, the whispers are not a mere destruction of the signal, they are also a distortion and a transformation. The circle of misconstruction thus becomes a virtuous circle of reconstruction, of innovation through site specific interferences, and ultimately, a circle of creation. Creation is ultimately a mis-take.

16mm Camera Frequency MonitorCustom electronic device

Commissioned by DOP Ruben Woodin Dechamps, I built a frequency monitor that could help him use a vintage 16mm camera in challenging environement and for a site specific project. The meter is mounted on the camera and is able to display the values on a screen and also transmit them over bluetooth to a phone.

PinRetrace your museum experience

Pin is a smart wearable badge that tracks visitors' journeys through a museum and generates a personalised narrative to take home with them - extending their experience beyond the physical perimeter of the gallery space.

Concept developed with Francesco Caneschi for the 2019 Playable Museum Award.

SAM LabsEd-tech toys

SAM Labs mission is to encourage every kid to discover the fun of coding and creating. Over a period of four years I have worked towards realising that vision through a playful combination of physical and digital elements, a set of wireless hardware blocks with a variety of functions is programmed through an app both for fun and educational activities.

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